Your experience through such times of transition, change and loss is uniquely yours. Accompanying you on your unique journey with compassion, respect, creativity, expertise and sometimes humor is my job as your therapist; your guide, facilitator and ally. 
​It is a privilege for me to accompany you.

​I commend you on your courage to begin.
Our work in session may address symptoms which often include anxiety, depression, anger, denial, avoidance, isolation, overwhelm, relational discord and addiction. Following such symptoms with curiosity and kindness as to how they serve us informs the direction of our work, opening them up to the healing attention they suggest as needed. Our work together can often be painful and requires rigorous honesty in order for thorough healing to be realized.

Laura Lucy Moore, MA, LMFT

Compassionate support through transition and loss

"Opportunity to define my future in new, 
creative, ​and less stressful ways.”

client testimonials

"Thank you for all the help you’ve given me. 
Thank you for your patience, understanding and compassion.
​I’m very grateful to you."

"I thought I could do this by myself, get through the loss.  You helped me in so many different ways;  you listened, you gave suggestions, you helped me understand many of the dreams I had at night, you helped me set goals, you let me cry, you let me talk about my family and work challenges, you were understanding, you were compassionate…I could go on." 

​"Thank you for generously sharing your expertise, wisdom and spirit during this special time for me. You are truly 'luminous' and your kindness and light while being an active listener have been tremendously important to me. Your ideas and guidance have been helpful and fruitful for this time...and the opportunity to define my future in new, creative...and less stressful ways." 

“The only way out of the dark woods
is to go through them.”

-James Hollis
As life presents its unexpected challenges, crises and difficulties it is an act of courage 
​to reach out for support to address the corresponding transitions, losses and change.
​When enduring such times, friends and family can be supportive yet may not afford the safety or confidentiality necessary for the honest, necessary and healthy expression of one’s corresponding emotional experience. The confidential and safe facilitation of this expression is paramount to moving through such painful times toward the subsequent openings revealed as new landscapes, towards a life lived more fully.